Quit smoking, it’s easy!

Part of many men and women’s New Year Resolution, to quit smoking is the best thing. Even more, seeing the adults, teenagers grow-up with the perception that smoking is part of life. This is also why Health Organizations worldwide are trying desperately to change the people’s view.

Smoking Effects

Each smoke you inhale contains 4,000 chemicals among which 43 cause cancer. The most dangerous drug in the cigarette is nicotine – a toxic stimulating substance that enhances the central nervous system activity, the heart and other organs, it also determines high blood pressure. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and toxic substance that goes from the lungs to the blood. Carbon monoxide links to the hemoglobin from blood erythrocytes preventing them to deliver oxygen to various cells in the body.

Passive smoking is the inhaling of the cigarette smoke by the non-smoker. This also leads to inhaling more harmful substances and can cause eye irritation, headaches and cough.

How to Quit Smoking?

More and more people give up smoking. It is hard but not impossible. There are more ways to quit. Some people use a series of filters that gradually reduce the nicotine level in the blood managing to quit the drug step-by-step. Others use the nicotine gum that contains lower and lower nicotine concentration, finally quitting for good. There are also support groups which can help you quit. You can do it!

Tips to Quit Smoking 

–           Surround yourself with friends who support your decision and who do not smoke;

–           Take responsibility;

–           Avoid smokers;

–           Drink many fluids to eliminate the toxins from the body. (Herbal Tea is great);

–           When you feel the need to smoke drink tea or eat something (sugar-free chewing gum works);

–           Exercise (out-doors if possible);

–           Avoid alcohol, coffee, jus and tea that contain caffeine;

–           Brush your teeth more often to avoid tobacco residues;

–           Take a deep breath and relax when you feel the need to smoke;

–           Think positive on the advantages of living a smoke-free life.

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