Alcohol – Why Do Teenagers Drink?

It seems that pressure to drink appears and for many teenagers and it can be difficult to say “no”, especially when you want to be accepted by a group. But alcohol is harmful, it destroys life and can kill.

Here are some of the reasons why teenagers drink:

– To relax

– To feel better

– To get rid of their trouble

– To be accepted and to fit in a group


The effects of alcohol on vital organs:

Stomach: after you drink, 20% of the alcohol passes directly into the bloodstream, the rest of the alcohol reaches the small intestine where it is absorbed into the blood

Brain: alcohol affects brain activity and slows the nervous system actions. Thinking and concentration are affected

– Liver: the liver breaks down alcohol into water, carbon dioxide and energy. The liver can break down alcohol only 15 ml/hour. If you drink more than that, the rest of the alcohol continues to circulate in the blood. Alcohol also affects the ability of the liver to break down fat. This is called cirrhosis of the liver and is caused by alcohol abuse. Cirrhosis of liver cells block blood flow, leading to reduced oxygen and even death.

Basically don’t consume alcohol at an early age, it can affect your development.


For teens, drunk-driving is an important issue as it is the major cause of death among adolescents 18-19 years.

Alcohol reduces the ability to judge distances and speeds, reduces focus, slows reflexes and increases the willingness to take risks. In most countries, drunk driving means having a concentration equal to or greater than 0.1/1000 blood alcohol concentration. Driving a car under the influence can cost you your life. If you drink, do not get behind the wheel. Refuse the ride when the driver has had a drink.

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