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Big Smiles in Puerto Vallarta with PV Smile

About PV Smile
PV Smile, located at Cornerstone Hospital in downtown Puerto Vallarta offers state-of-the-art technology and high standards of professional care for patients from around the world. While specializing in restorative dentistry, staff at PV Smile also offers cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry that will give you that smile you’re looking for.

Puerto Vallarta – is a land of sunshine and beachfront, colorful buildings and friendly people who know how to smile. What better place to travel for your dental needs to improve your own smile and take advantage of some of the most experienced and affordable dental care South of the Border? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico isn't only one of the most gorgeous vacation destinations in the world. It also offers some of the best dental clinics and dental care professionals in Mexico.

PV Smiles' Approach to Dental Health
PV Smile offers high quality and affordable dental treatments to individuals from around the world. Aesthetic restorative dentistry and affordable cosmetic dentistry are the hallmarks of PV Smile, where staff and dentists are dedicated to providing the best and support and services to their customers.
PV Smile offers treatments for:

  • Implants
  • Crowns in veneers
  • Bonding
  • Bridges
  • In-office teeth whitening and cleaning
  • Root canals
  • White filling
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Full dentures

Staff at PV Smile are excellently trained and experience. Dr. Noel Rivas has been providing dental care and dental surgical procedures since the mid- 1970s, and as founder of PV Smile offers over three decades of practical experience and expertise.

Dr. Rivas is known for his gentle and friendly demeanor, his willingness to explain techniques and procedures to his patients, and finding solutions that meet the needs of his patients while at the same time putting them at ease.

Dr. Rivas and his dental and support staff at PV Smile take pride in their ability to offer quality services to individuals from north of the border as well as international origins the best in high tech, quality care combined with affordability and accessibility at one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

Dentistry in Mexico offers some of the best treatment in Mexico, with accredited, certified providers. Dental professionals and clinics in Mexico such as PV Smile offer the same services for a lot less.

Traveling to Mexico for Dental Care
Coastal towns like Puerto Vallarta offer visitors a multitude of things to do and see, from open sea fishing excursions to inland hiking and sightseeing tours. Immerse yourself in the ancient culture of Puerto Vallarta and walk along her white, sandy beaches. Walk the historic district on a warm spring evening or dance the night away to the strains of the Mariachi.

PV Smile offers comfortable and luxurious accommodations to visitors seeking their services. Puerto Vallarta attracts visitors from around the globe and offers a variety of hotels, resorts, and dining opportunities for visitors.  Relax on the beach, go mountain biking, or deep sea fishing off the coast.

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