New Options in Health and Wellness Beyond Borders

Not sure where to go for great skin treatments? Check out facilities such as Sanoviv Medical Institute on the Baja Coast of Mexico for an upscale atmosphere, or the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland.


The most common types of skin care these days are


·         Laser Skin Resurfacing

·         Botox

·         Dermabrasion

·         Surface Repair Treatments


Cosmetic surgery abroad is affordable and safe in many locations, as is anti aging technology, age management and skin care techniques and technologies around the world, from the Aesthetica International Medical Center in Budapest, Hungary to the Beirut Beauty Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon.


For varicose vein treatment to laser hair removal to body rejuvenation treatment, chemical peel cost in Budapest is more attractive than many other locations such as the U.S. Antiaging techniques like fat transfers, Botox injections, collagen dermal fillers, human growth hormone products and treatments as well as diet guidance and management for foods rich in antioxidants, international facilities provide the best in care, quality, privacy and affordability than you might think.


The next time you find yourself traveling abroad for business or pleasure, check out the options for skin treatments and technologies in the country you’re visiting. You’ll more than likely find that medical tourism and the health and wellness industry has truly gone global and offers viable, efficient and reasonable as well as safe options for today’s travelers, no matter where you go.


Before you zip off, check out one of the best international medical tourism resource portals for the health and wellness industry; PlacidWay, which offers up-to-date and reliable information regarding safe, qualified and experienced medical and health care providers around the world.

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