Orthopedic Surgeries 101

Orthopedics is the study of bone and joint and muscle. There are 206 bones in the human body, designed to protect inner organs and provide motion and mobility. When something goes wrong, an orthopedic doctor and surgeon may need to perform surgery.

Orthopedic services are designed to promote the health and healing of bone and joint needs associated with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and hip problems, arthritis, and sports injuries such as tennis elbow or rotator cuff surgery. The scope of orthopedic specialties enables treatment of joint injuries and bone fracture as well as those caused by ligament, tendon, or nerve damage.

Orthopedic surgery may include but is not limited to address various conditions, injuries and damage caused by disease processes, the common of which include:

· Total Joint Replacement of Hip or Knee

· Anterior Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

· Anterior Cruciate Ligament

· Hip Abrasion Arthroplasty

· Knee Abrasion Arthroplasty

· Orthopedic Hip Resurfacing

· Arthroplasty

· Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

· Hand Surgery

· Avascular Necrosis

· Treatment for arthritis damage in joints throughout the body

Orthopedic surgeries may also be performed for knee surgery treatment and hip resurfacing procedure surgeries or arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, elbow or ankle joints. Individuals suffering from sports injuries, traumatic injury or disease processes benefit from orthopedic surgery.

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