Infertility: Not Just a Woman’s Problem

Because of the complexity of the female reproductive system, it’s common for most fertility problems to be found there. However, fertility problems are just as often found in males as females, and require a different approach when it comes to therapies and treatments to provide optimal fertility treatment for conception. That’s where ICSI comes in.

ICSI stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection – also known as an Assisted Reproductive Technology. This fertility treatment also employs IVF (in vitro fertilization) by injecting sperm into a mature egg for development.

Following the fertilization procedure, the egg is placed into the mother’s womb or fallopian tube for implantation.

ICSI is a popular treatment for men whose sperm count is too low or inadequate to ensure fertilization of eggs.

Unfortunately, the cost of this procedure in a fertility treatment center in the US can cost between $10,000 and $17,000 for a single cycle of fertility treatment. Medical travelers to destinations like India can get the same treatments for much less, in the range of about $1,200 per cycle. You can do the math.

In places like Hungary, fertility treatment abroad can be found for an average of $6,600. In Mexico, South America or Thailand destinations, medical travelers may save up to 75% on costs.

Lower prices don’t mean substandard care or service – quite the contrary. Physicians and surgeons in foreign countries are able to pay one-tenth the cost of medical insurance than that found in the U.S., passing the savings on to patients.

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