Obesity Surgery Abroad in Mexicali

Many people don’t realize that many obesity surgical procedures are not covered by medical insurance in the United States. However, hundreds of Americans seek various obesity surgical procedures, including bariatric surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon surgery, laparoscopic surgery, tummy tuck, and liposuction or ‘liposculpture’ south of the border in Mexicali. Facilities in this area of Mexico are excellent and growing increasingly popular with Americans venturing to Mexico and other Latin American destinations for superlative, experienced and affordable weight loss and obesity surgical procedures.

One of the most popular bariatric surgeons in Mexicali is Dr. Marco Sarinana of Mexicali Obesity Solutions. Dr. Sarinana offers affordable bariatric surgery for individuals seeking a multitude of procedures, included those listed above, and for treatment to help reduce or eliminate symptoms like snoring, reflux disease, sleep apnea, heart attacks, and strokes.

Affordable gastric band surgery at Dr. Sarinana’s Mexicali Obesity Solutions costs an average of $7,500, much less than the average cost of gastric band surgery in the United States. Bariatric surgery in Mexico in locations such as Mexicali, Baja California, other locations throughout Mexico offer not only Americans but international travelers the best in care at affordable costs, with less wait time.

When it comes to treatments, prices, qualifications, training and credentials, facilities like Mexicali Obesity Solutions provide beneficial and reliable options for medical travelers seeking weight loss programs and weight loss surgery in a multitude of bariatric and gastric bypass surgical procedures. For safe, reliable and experienced care, don’t hesitate to look beyond borders for your health care. Your wellbeing is at stake.


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