Medical Tourism Abroad

 When looking for medical providers abroad, some of the first questions an individual may want answered include:


·         Convenience – where is the facility located?  How will I get there?

·         Customized services – will the facility be able to meet my specific needs?

·         Acknowledging risks – what are the risks involved not only traveling to this destination, but of my specific surgical procedure or treatment? Is staff at this facility open and honest about all potential risks of such procedures or treatments?

·         Providing unique solutions – will the facility be able to cater their services to meet my specific needs? Are they open to the prospect of working with me to solve my particular problem or issue?

·         Quality of service – is this facility accredited and approved not only according to their country’s accreditation levels, but also by international accreditation facilities such as JCI (Joint Commission International)?


PlacidWay offers an informative article Choosing an International Medical Provider on what to look for when choosing international medical providers in more detail. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic/plastic surgery, obesity or weight loss surgery treatments and procedures, or you need orthopedic surgery for your hip, affordable health care is out there.


For example, relatively minor cardiac surgical procedures that range in the placement of stents to coronary bypass or grafts may cost anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000 as compared to about $5,000 to $20,000 or less for the same procedures in India. Orthopedic treatments such as a partial hip replacement procedure performed in Thailand or Singapore may cost half of what is charged in the United States. The same applies for other procedures such as knee replacement. Cosmetic surgical costs in the United States run thousands of dollars per procedure, compared to less than a thousand in India.


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