Obesity Surgeries in Demand though Costs Remain Out of Reach for Many

Did you know that the cost for obesity or weight loss surgeries in the U.S. average $30,000 or more, ranging from laparoscopic gastric banding to vertical banded gastroplasty to gastric bypass? Sometimes more, depending on individualized case scenarios, location of hospital and costs of anesthesia, lab work, consultations, emotional and nutritional support, and so on. However, in India, the cost of laparoscopic bypass averages about $16,500. In Mexico and South American destinations, costs may average between $9,800 and $13,000. 

Medical tourism for sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding and gastric bypass are common obesity and weight loss procedures that are available in other countries, at lower prices than those found in the U.S.

Facilities like Mexicali Obesity Solutions in Mexicali, Mexico or 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea are just two of dozens of obesity surgery centers found around the globe, offering state of the art techniques and procedures at vastly reduced costs.

Obesity Free is another obesity and weight loss clinic in Mexico that provides international quality healthcare standards, associated with the Christus Muguerza Hospital Association, an American hospital system that provides surgical procedures at extremely affordable prices for individuals seeking qualified bariatric and weight loss procedures that aren’t covered under most health insurance plans.

People who undergo bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, banded gastroplasty or lap band surgery believe that all it takes is a relatively simple surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach in order to achieve drastic and long-term weight loss. However, it also takes hard work, lifestyle changes and dedication. Locations such as the Antiobesity Center in Cancun, Mexico or 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea offer professional bariatric surgery clinics to those in need, at affordable prices.



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