Age-Defying Treatments Growing in Popularity

Anyone interested in reducing the signs of aging has looked at over-the-counter products in local pharmacy and drug stores… and found that the cost of antiaging treatments depends on the approach as well as the type of product or service chosen by any given individual. Such antiaging creams and shelf products may cost anywhere between $20 and $75 or more per bottle, while thread lift surgical procedures cost around $3,000-$5,000 in the United States.

Other antiaging treatments and skin care products such as Botox injections, fat transfers, human growth hormones, stem cell regeneration and rejuvenation and cosmetic and plastic surgeries are on the rise.

Still other antiaging treatments like stem cell injections are increasing in number and stem cell research and development has to date identified multiple types of stem cells and sources utilized in anti-aging treatment methodologies.

Many stem cell-based skin cells and tissues engineered in a laboratory settings offer stem cell researchers around the world to grow skin and replace damaged skin cells, restoring their elasticity and vitality. Popular treatments today often combine cosmetic formulas with stem cell regenerative therapies and treatments.

For the latest in antiaging facilities and physicians abroad, visit, offering dozens of highly respected facilities around the world that offer antiaging treatments. For example, AMG/Integrative Medicine Center located on the U.S./Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. If you want to travel farther afield, check out the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland or Aesthetica International Medical Center in Budapest, Hungary. No matter where you roam, you can find excellent, highly trained, and reputable antiaging centers around the globe.

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