Non-Controversial Stem Cell Therapy Research

Human stem cell therapy is here to stay. Despite a rough start and controversy over ethical use of embryonic stem cells and cons of stem cell therapy such as worries over cloning, stem cell therapy research and development in the 21st century is focusing more on non-controversial methods of human stem cell collection, such as umbilical cord stem cell therapy and adult stem cell therapy approaches. The most commonly heard about today include:

· Embryonic stem cell therapy

· Adult stem cell therapy and research

· Umbilical cord stem cell therapy

Today, stem cell therapy research and development is growing by leaps and bounds. While stem cell gene therapy is being studied in the U.S., no stem cell replacement therapy has yet been offered here. However, numerous fine facilities that provide such treatments may be found in international destinations.

One of the closest is the facility of Dr. Omar Gonzalez, of the Integrative Medical Center in Tamps, Mexico. His facilities offer a different approach to treatment, including the use of American, European, and Chinese medical approaches. He specializes in stem cell therapy created through placenta stem cell based therapy. Both umbilical cord stem cell therapy and placenta stem cell therapy are considered ethical and non-controversial.

Another location, and perhaps a bit more exotic, are the facilities of EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine. With nearly two decades of experience in stem cell treatments, the clinic has to date offered human stem cell therapy for conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

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