Choosing a Stem Cell Therapy Provider

To date, no stem cells therapy options are available in the U.S., so many Americans travel to international destinations to benefits from stem cell treatment procedures. The U.S. has approved funding for Phase I clinical trials of some types of stem cell therapies that may provide productive and beneficial use in the near future.

The potential cost of stem cell therapy in the U.S. may be prohibitively expensive, leading most to seek cures for illnesses, injuries and disease processes in China, Thailand, Japan, Europe, such as the EmCell Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine and India for such care.

The cost of a stem cell therapy is determined by geographic location of treatment facilities as well as the injury, illness or disease being treated. Medical travelers should research and study human stem cell therapy, treatments and protocols in foreign destinations.

Questions to Ask:

  • Can you offer proof that these stem cell treatment therapies work?
  • Can I speak with former patients who have undergone such therapies?
  • Who are (and what are the credentials) of the physician or surgeon administering stem cell treatment?
  • How long has the organization offered such treatments?
  • How safe is the stem cell treatment? Are there risks involved?

The Future of Stem Cells Therapy

The World Stem Cell Summit in Madison, Wisconsin in September 2008 anticipated growing numbers of individuals seeking stem cell based therapy, alternative or advanced forms of medical treatment, and travel to foreign destinations. Everyone has a right to seek safe and effective treatments for dehabilitative injuries, diseases and terminal illnesses at affordable prices not currently found in the U.S.

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