Medical Tourists Going Abroad in Increasing Numbers

ABC News recently reported on the growing number of medical travelers to countries like Poland and China for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic and facial reconstruction surgeries in the U.S. are not covered except under certain conditions. What are the most popular procedures being done? The most popular procedures sought these days include Poland for abdominal etching, a buttocks lift in Brazil, all kinds of procedures in South Africa (along with exciting adventures like going on a  safari), and a combination of traditional and holistic procedures available in China.

Arab countries in the Middle East offering facilities such as the Jordan Hospital are increasingly popular for cardiac care, organ transplants and orthopedic procedures. After all,   when travelers can access JCI accredited and state-of-the-art facilities and world-class and experienced surgeons in Jordan and Egypt, why not travel to the Red Sea region, taking advantage of enormous savings on procedures and combining them with a vacation of a lifetime.

Costa Rica continues to draw travelers from around the world for dental and medical services, and it’s not hard to see why. Costa Rica is a lush green country with a variety of landscapes and activities for traveling tourists. With handfuls of facilities accredited by American medical organizations, along with a large number of providers trained in Western countries, Costa Rica medical care also focuses on post-treatment or post-surgical care when they develop their travel packages.

For more information about the treatments, procedures and surgeries offered abroad in countries from South Korea to Turkey, access, a leader in resources for medical tourism and medical and dental travelers abroad.

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