Iraqis Traveling to Egypt, Jordan and India for Care

Growing numbers of Iraqi citizens are venturing outside their borders for accessible and quality medical care. One of the places they’re going is Egypt. What are they going for? Anything from dental care to orthopedic treatments and chronic illness care. For example, the Dental Care Clinic in Cairo offers high tech treatments for everything from dental implants to cosmetic dentistry.

Another place Iraqis are going is India. India has long been a mecca for international travelers. While her reputation used to be founded on cheap medical treatments and surgeries, these days people travel there for her superlative medical expertise and care. It’s always been there, but people just focused on the “cheap” medical care aspect. Medical care at the Jordan Hospital or Kent Hospital in Jordan is highly respected and renowned. Middle Easterner’s seeking the best in care travel to Jordan every year for treatment in cardiac care, chronic illness and transplant surgeries.

Medical care is affordable in India because of its healthcare delivery system. Some of the world’s best fertility clinics, orthopedic hospitals, dentists and neurosurgeons are located in India. For example, spine and brain tumor specialist Dr. Ramnarayan of the Lakshmi Neuro Clinic in Chennai offers treatments for those diagnosed with tremors, epilepsy, chronic pain, movement disorders and various addictions.

Fortis Hospital in New Delhi is a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system that treats cancer patients to cardiac patients as well as utilizes the latest in surgical technology such as robotic surgery. Travelers visiting Fortis for kidney transplant or IFV treatment, organ transplant or orthopedic procedures like knee replacement find the best in care and services.

For more information regarding medical facilities located in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, visit, a one-stop resource for information, pricing and travel packages for Iraqis and their neighbors seeking superlative and affordable care.

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