Male Fertility – Help From Nature

Male fertility is not taboo – it may very well be one of your close friends struggling with this issue, nowadays affecting more men than ever because of pollution and other factors.

How to boost male fertility?

You will laugh a bit, however… here it goes: Cold showers actually help with low sperm count!

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The fact was thoroughly explained by urologists who put it quite frankly: The scrotum is on the outside of the body because it needs to be at a lower temperature to produce the optimal amount of sperms. Don’t rush and stand under the ice cold shower now, but providing a cold local shower does more good for the little swimmers as more recent studies suggest.

The right food can also help with male fertility problems.

To increase sperm volume and quality eating fruits and vegetables are a must. These are high in folic acid that leads to healthy sperm and reduces abnormalities in sperm chromosomes.

Vitamins A, C and D act on male fertility too

Other foods associated with male fertility boost are oysters – because they increase testosterone levels by rich zinc. Similar zinc rich natural resources are chocolate, peanuts, beans, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, lean beef, lamb and turkey.

If the problem goes deeper, visit your doctor. He might suggest you to quit smoking, alcohol, caffeine but so far, the final cure for low sperm count or abnormal sperm has yet to be discovered. Occasionally hormone treatment has been employed, yet this type of male fertility treatment is still controversial.

Any couple that has struggled with male fertility issues can tell you that low sperm count is no laughing matter. So researchers have been struggling for the last few years to provide a solution to boost male fertility. Embryonic stem cells have been providing some results in this area but nothing certain for the time being.

Take care of your swimmers – eat healthy and, when worried, do take the cold shower.

When all else fails in conceiving, you can opt for reproduction assistance such as IVF, IUI, or ICSI, however, it is best not to need it.

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