How to Spot Signs of Liver Disease

The signs of liver disease:

Well, the liver is a silent organ because it usually does not produce obvious symptoms when in distress. However, there are some pointers to make you think twice. Analyze these symptoms and see if your liver is healthy. 

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1. Signs of liver disease are fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain

These may be signs of liver disease known as nonalcoholic fatty liver (Steatosis), when body drowns in fat. High cholesterol and obesity are major risk factors of the disease, which, in turn, increases the risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2. Flu-like symptoms and dark stool are some other signs of liver disease

These may indicate the presence of hepatitis A, B or C, leading to liver inflammation. Hepatitis A is usually transmitted through contaminated food, the type B and C are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

3. Signs of liver disease include tinted yellow skin and eyes

These liver disease symptoms occur when the liver is unable to process bilirubin, a substance produced in the liver’s filtration system. The disease is called jaundice (or yellowness), but the symptom also occurs with hepatitis.

How to maintain liver health?

To avoid liver disease and distress, there are some simple changes to be included in anyone’s lifestyle. Thus, experts recommend healthy food, properly prepared, well-washed fruits and vegetables before consumption, daily exercise, a diet rich in vitamin E and waiving any excess (alcohol, food, drugs, etc.).

The liver filters and purifies the body, eliminates the toxins in the blood brought with each breath, the food and beverages we eat and the medicines we take. The liver stores vitamins, minerals and sugar until the body needs them, and secrets bile and clotting factors so it is vital to maintain it healthy. Without it, digestion would be impossible, wounds would not heal, we would not be able to have a cocktail, and so on. We must always be careful with the liver and, at the slightest signs of liver disease, see a specialist.

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