Lasik Eye Surgery Abroad

LASIK employs a specially designed laser instead of traditional surgical tools to perform corrective eye surgery. The most commonly performed Lasik (often spelled LASIK) include LASIK, Epi-LASIK, PRK, Wavefront LASIK and LASIK Monovision.

The laser part of the surgery refers to the process of using light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation. This low wattage laser is used in many toys and light pointers on a daily basis, and does not caused nearly as much damage to eye tissues as traditional surgical procedures using scalpels.

Lasik eye surgery is an outpatient procedure, with minimum complications that takes less than 30 minutes to perform, which cuts back on costs. Lasik is a highly technical and effective technique that is able to eliminate significant visual impairment.

In the United States, Lasik eye surgery can run anywhere between $500-$1000 per eye.  In most cases, vision insurance does not cover the procedure in the United States. Patients traveling to foreign destinations such as MedTravel Ecuador offer the best eye/Lasik care in Ecuador, while travelers who find themselves  in Istanbul may benefit from the best eye surgeons in Turkey at locations like the Acibadem Healthcare Group.

Affordable eye hospitals in Singapore or the best eye care in Poland offers today’s consumers the best in choice and options in eye surgery, laser eye procedures and Lasik eye procedures. The Ahalia Foundation Eye Hospital in Kerala, India and facilities like it offer affordable eye care and savings of between 30 and 70% on cost of procedures in the U.S.

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