Alternatives to Traditional Cancer Treatment: Going Abroad

Preventive medical treatments combining conventional and alternative medicine therapies are gaining favor, especially among American cancer patients, who must be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, medications or surgery.

Some alternative medical practitioners such as AMG or Advanced Medical Group in Mexico believe that a large number of cancers are preventable and take a holistic approach to care, determining the causes of many cancers. Integrative medical care combines natural cancer treatments with traditional cancer treatments when necessary. Common alternative medical therapies to cancer care include:

  • Iscadore – a plant substance that produces venom, commonly used to build a person’s resistance or desensitization through the development of anti bodies, which may be used to attack cancer cells.
  • Vitamin C – produces cytokines which control the immune system’s response, and may help slow cancer growth.
  • Laetrile -healthy cells in the body can synthesize Laetrile, but cancer cells can’t.  Laetrile infuses cancer cells with cyanide, effectively killing them.
  • Thymus Extract – the thymus is responsible for producing lymphocytes, which help find and destroy cancerous tumor cells.
  • Countries around the world are conducting clinical trials, studies and research hoping to take advantage of stem cell therapies and procedures to treat, improve quality of life and hopefully cure patients with a cancer diagnosis.

Individuals accessing reputable and reliable sources of information such as PlacidWay can find traditional and alternative treatments, procedures and therapies for cancer treatment around the globe, offering more options, affordability and access to cancer care, cancer treatments and remission.

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