Laparoscopy: The Trend For Noninvasive Surgery

Noninvasive surgical procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Utilizing laparoscopic surgery or endoscopic surgical techniques, surgeons are now able to operate on many body organs without massive incisions, tissue damage or delayed healing processes.

Laparoscopic techniques are common in gallbladder surgery, liver surgery, as well as small bowel, or other soft tissue organs. Abdominal wall surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery are also engaged with laparoscopy.  Laparoscopic surgery for children, and new trends in obesity and weight loss surgeries that utilize this technique offer faster healing time  reduced risk of infection or post surgical complications.

Some of the most common and popular laparoscopic procedures include laparoscopic gastric bypass, adjustable band, duodenal switch and revision of bariatric surgeries. Complications following weight loss surgery are reduced through laparoscopic techniques.  Common laparoscopic procedures performed on the gall bladder and liver include common bile duct exploration, bile duct injury, liver resection, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedures.

Hernia repair is also commonly performed laparoscopically, as are many procedures involving bowel obstruction to appendectomies.

Laparoscopic surgical procedures offered by international medical facilities and destinations offer state of the art, cutting-edge, and new technologies in laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques.  Laparoscopic weight loss surgery, and affordable laparoscopic gallbladder surgery abroad and even laparoscopic gynecology are available in certified facilities such as Mexicali Obesity Solutions, in Mexicali, Mexico, or by experts in the field such as Dr. Osama Badran, MD, FACOG, a laparoscopic gynecological surgeon in Amman, Jordan.

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