Groundbreaking Development in Stem Cell Research

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine believe they have taken the first step forward in developing a new technique of creating nerve cells without having to collect stem cells, which may help reduce the amount of controversy involved in the field of stem cell research.

Scientists at the university were able to transform the skin cells of the mouse into functioning nerve cells, and exciting development in the study and research of regenerative medicine, especially in diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neural degenerative disease processes.

Stem cell research continues to be a leading field in the 21st century for the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, conditions caused by birth defects or spinal cord injuries caused by accidents.

Stem cell therapy, neural stem cell therapy, umbilical cord stem cell therapy and stem cell based therapy are leading the news these days, with new developments and discoveries keeping hope alive for those diagnosed with diabetes, heart or brain injuries and conditions. Stem cell therapy possibilities continue to be developed for potential for treatment in skin conditions and anti-aging skin treatment, orthopedic treatments, and cardiac care, treatment of multiple types of cancer like bladder cancer, bone cancer and lung cancer, and in plastic and reconstructive surgeries and procedures.

Facilities such as EmCell Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine and Integra Medical Center in Tamps, Mexico, offer individuals from around the globe alternative medical treatments and procedures for a wide variety of conditions and the best stem cell surgery abroad.

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