Knee Joint Replacement for Young and Old Alike

If you’ve got a bad knee, you know how difficult it is to even get around your house. You never notice how often you use your knee until it’s injured or hurting from a medical condition like arthritis or joint damage. Older individuals aren’t the only ones who experience pain, loss of mobility, or a more sedentary lifestyle due to a knee injury.

An Oxinium knee replacement joint procedure in the U.S. can cost between $65,000 and $75,000, but in India, such procedures restore mobility and flexibility for about $10,000. A  material called Oxinium is a type of oxidized zirconium that has been successfully utilized for both hip and knee implants for several years. Oxinium knee joints are designed of metal composites coated with ceramic and then infused and coated with oxygen to create an extremely durable and long-lasting joint replacement.

Oxinium prosthetic joints received the approval of the FDA in 1996. These joints are designed to last nearly 90 times longer than traditional knee joints. This makes the Oxinium implant highly acceptable for younger individuals suffering from limited range of motion, pain, stiffness and lack of mobility caused by knee injuries or medical conditions.

Individuals, young and old alike, traveling to the Madras Joint Replacement Center in India may be assured they are receiving the best in quality care from qualified, certified and highly experienced joint replacement surgeons such as Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam.

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