Finding the Best in Sports Medicine Practitioners – At Home and Abroad

Depending on the location, type and severity of an injury and the diagnosis and treatment of it, physical therapy and rehabilitative services can cost tens of thousands of dollars for individuals. In some cases, a health insurance policy may cover some costs, but not all. In the United States, limitations and exclusions on policy coverage may severely inhibit full recovery.

Sports medicine is a special field of care within the health industry that focuses mainly on injury or prevention of injury to those involved in sports, fitness fields and various forms of recreation. The field may be practices by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) to provide a wide range of services.

Medical travelers venturing to locations in Mexico and South America, Asia or locations in Europe such as Terme Selce or the Grand Bad Ragaz facility in Switzerland may save thousands of dollars on the cost of physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports massage and additional treatments in the field as per recommendations by a physician.

European spas also offer diet and exercise regimens with specific bathing and thermal spa remedies to promote optimal health and wellness. Providing relief from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, aches and pains of sports injuries and as post surgical therapies, facilities like Grand Resort Wellness Spa provide optimal recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation for patients.

International destinations such as Terme Selce in Croatia have become leaders in sports medicine, sports medicine physical therapy, orthopedic and kinesiotherapy treatments, and specialize in sports injuries and physical therapy for all ages. The Terme Selce facility also offers medical spa treatments that offer holistic healing methodologies and programs for international patients coming from Central and Western Europe, Asia and as far as the Americas.

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