Kent Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

Quality, Patient-Centered Care at Kent Hospital in Turkey

About Kent Hospital
Facilities around the globe are taking proactive action to become certified by international accreditation and quality care organizations and associations in order to offer travelers seeking specialized services, treatments and procedures the best in experience, quality, state-of-the-art technology and medicine in the 21st century.

With over one hundred beds, over twenty of which are in intensive care units with immediate access to surgery suites, the hospital offers the latest in technology and immediate delivery of care. The maternity department offers labor and delivery suites furnished with jacuzzi baths and comfortable post-delivery recovery rooms. Patients in general care rooms benefit from access to satellite television, free WiFi and room service.

Two cardiovascular operating rooms and four general operating rooms, in addition to suites facilitating minimally invasive and microscopic surgical procedures meet the needs of international travelers for a large range of procedures, all offering ‘clean room’ standards ensured by Hepa filtration systems.

Kent Hospital, located in Izmir, is a JCI-accredited full-service medical complex that offers one of the most modern and technologically advanced hospitals in the southeast quadrant of Europe. Services at Kent Hospital include but are not limited to cardiac care, including open heart surgery and coronary artery bypass, to orthopedic care such as hip or knee replacement, organ transplantation, and cancer therapy or oncology services.

Kent Hospital was one of the first in Turkey to be accredited by the JCI, offering:

  • Pre-op consultations
  • State-of-the-art operating and recovery rooms
  • Quality, certified nursing and support care
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Radiological services

Kent Hospital’s Approach to Medical Care
Every patient, regardless of origin or need, is special to staff at Kent Hospital. Staff rigidly adhere to their mission standards of generating trust, ensuring honesty and ensuring smiling, comforting care to all patients in all departments throughout the facility.

Staff at Kent Hospital are dedicated to offering the best in patient centered care. From making medical travelers feel welcome to offering round-trip transport to and from the Izmir airport, providing comfortable beds and meals for a companion to taking care of every aspect of patient care from arrival to departure, Kent Hospital has gained world-wide reputation for quality healthcare services.

Treatments at Kent Hospital include but are not limited to:

  • Cardiac care – coronary artery bypass, heart valve replacement, coronary angiogram
  • Orthopedic care – hip or knee replacement surgeries, spinal fusion
  • Fertility and Gynecological care – hysterectomy, IVF (In-vitro fertilization)

A full-service complex, Kent Hospital offers modern health care delivery systems in all fields, including health information transfers and medical records systems that facilitate communication and consultations to other doctors, surgeons and facilities around the globe.

Providing the latest in diagnostic equipment and treatment services, Kent Hospital, accredited by the JCI in 2006, continues to offer patient safety and care practices. The Mayo Clinic served as a consultant not only in design of the ultra-modern facility, but in healthcare guidelines and administrative guidance that offers a superlative healthcare team that is one of the best in all of southeastern Europe.

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