Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, Seoul, South Korea

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine – A Whole Body Approach to Care
About Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine
For the best in holistic, alternative and nonsurgical approaches to health and wellness, treatment or therapies in a number of medical fields and subspecialties, you’ve come to the right place.

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is located in beautiful, downtown central Seoul.  Established in the late 1990s, the hospital complex contains for ultra modern buildings a clipped with over 100 patient beds as well as high-tech and state of the art diagnostics and equipment.  As one of the largest hospitals of alternative or oriental medicine in the region, the hospital offers over 120 specialized practitioners, dozens of registered nurses, as well as multiple physical therapy and exercise specialists and over 100 members that belong to support staff.

Each of the staff members at Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is dedicated to offering caring, compassionate, and family support two regional as well as international visitors to the facility.

Approach to Health and Wellness at Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine
Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has been recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs as a premium care facility in Seoul, South Korea, and is one of the only hospitals in the country the specializes in spinal conditions.  Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is a leader in research orientated care and continues to research and pursue scientifically based as well as traditional oriental medicine practices.

Jaseng Hospital seeks a whole body approach to health and wellness and nonsurgical options to care in multiple fields and practices, as well as collaborating with research hospitals such as Harvard University Medical School, the University of California and other globally well-known medical institutions.

The focus of staff at Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is to provide not only sophistication, but also competence, dedication to patients, and effective and excellent services. Each patient that walks through the door receives the best and fullest of care at the most beneficial value, helping each benefit from high-tech and latest in innovation and development technologies.

A few of the most popular treatments performed at Jaseng Hospital of oriental medicine include:

  • Chuna manipulation – a specialized manipulation practice performed by oriental medicine doctors at Jaseng. Similar to chiropractic methods, the bones and joints are aligned to promote increased circulation, blood, and energy flow through the body, transporting healthy nutrients and oxygen to injured or damaged body parts.
  • Herbal medicine such as nerve reviving and anti-inflammatory medicine, muscle strengthening, and bone protection
  • Physical therapy includes aqua-pressure, micro-current, electric stimulation and traditional rehabilitation and exercise programs
  • Herbal therapy and medicine
  • Stroke rehabilitation

Doctors at Jaseng Hospital of oriental medicine also offer specialty treatments in the fields of obesity, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology and dermatology.

Benefits of Traveling to South Korea for Alternative Medical Care
Cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and surgical tools and design has propelled South Korea into a major position of leading medical care and health and wellness fields and practices. Physicians and surgeons in South Korea are able to offer their treatments, procedures and surgeries unburdened by high malpractice insurance costs which drive up healthcare costs in the U.S., offering patients the quality they’re looking for at prices they can afford.

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