IVF Panama Reproduction Center, Panama City, Panama


IVF Panama Reproduction Center, Panama City, Panama


IVF Panama Punta Pacifica Reproduction Center is one of the leaders in Assisted Reproduction in Central America and Panama, with more than 10 years of experience.

We have the latest technology and treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching, IVF in a natural cycle with Mature Oocytes, IVF with a Transport Incubator, Intra Cytoplasmatic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).

Our clinic offers the most modern laboratory services in the country, in terms of semen analysis, an Oocyte and Semen Bank, Semen and Oocyte Donors.

Within our achievements:

  • Being the first Oocyte Bank in Panamá,
  • The Headquarters of the first Latin American Workshop of In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes


In Panama, we have an IVF laboratory with state of the art technology, as well as a multidiscipline staff trained with the latest technologies available in Reproductive Medicine.

Our patients benefit from our staff known skills and training, as they place their full efforts to assist patients in achieving pregnancy that is so eagerly desired.

The original technique is dominated by IVF and with this technique the fertilization of the oocyte by the sperm is produced in an artificial method in the laboratory. Yet the process of fertilization is natural, as there is an average of about 200,000.00 sperm around one oocyte, the one that penetrates naturally and forms an embryo is transferred to the uterine cavity via different types of catheters.

When sperm quality is poor, or there is an indication (from prior testing) that the sperm will be poor quality and will not be able to fertilize the oocyte on its own, we proceed with a technique called Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection known as ICSI. This technique is the direct injection of a single sperm into each egg. The fertilization rate per egg using ICSI is about 70%. Despite the sperm being terrible, the fertilization rate per infertile couple is over 99%, if the wife has adequate eggs, and the pregnancy rate per treatment cycle is over 50%. This is not significantly different from regular IVF with normal sperm but this technique is very cost-effective, and it will give you the same high chance at getting pregnant as any couple with normal sperm.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the most common form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). If the fallopian tubes are damaged or the sperm is poor, it is obvious that this is the only acceptable treatment. It is also usually the most effective treatment for most other types of infertility as well. The procedure achieves remarkable pregnancy rates even in women with hopelessly damaged fallopian tubes, seemingly sterile husbands, and even “unexplained” infertility. Problems with the husband’s sperm are never a serious issue nowadays, as we can fertilize the eggs with ICSI. In fact, in our program we routinely use ICSI in all cases to guarantee fertilization and reduce the risks. Our IVF pregnancy rate is over 50% per attempt, regardless of diagnosis, and we accept even the most difficult cases.

Oocyte Bank

At our center, we offer the option to cryopreserve ooyctes to any woman that would like to prolong her ovarian oocyte reserve due to personal or professional reasons. Candidates for this option are women under 35 years of age, but to women older than 35 years of age we recommend not prolonging procreation and talking to your doctor about your possibilities of pregnancy based on age and ovarian reserve.

In other cases, an illness or the treatment to cure an illness can affect future fertility and there is the possibility to cryopreserve oocytes, until you are ready to proceed with motherhood.

In the cases of women who cannot achieve pregnancy using their own oocytes, due to poor ovarian reserve or poor egg quality, we offer donated oocyte. These give challenged infertile patients the possibility to become parents. The donation is anonymous and during the procedure the couple (recipient) is synchronized to receive the donated oocyte (donors) that will be fertilized with the spouse’s sperm and will make the embryos unique. The embryo is then transferred to the recipient uterus, where the implantation and gestation will result in pregnancy.


The National Foundation of Fertility and Sterility, is a nonprofit foundation that works hand in hand with IVF Panama within facilities. Our main purpose is to achieve that Panamanian and International couples with limited resources can enjoy the privilege of having a desired family with the help of the best professionals and cutting-edge technology available in our reproduction center. Infertile patients will be accepted as beneficiary members, who may make use of the benefits offered by the Foundation and get a personalized health care.

Male Infertility

Approximately 15% of couples attempting their first pregnancy fail. Most authorities define these patients as primarily infertile if they have been unable to achieve pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse. Conception is normally achieved within twelve months in 80-85% of couples who use no contraceptive measures, and persons presenting after this time should therefore be regarded as possibly infertile and be evaluated. Data available over the past twenty years reveal that in approximately 30% of cases pathology is found in the man alone, and in another 20% both the man and woman present abnormalities. Therefore, the male factor is at least partly responsible in about 50% of infertile couples.

Important issues related to the evaluation of the male factor include the most appropriate time for the male evaluation, the most efficient format for a comprehensive male exam, and definition of rational and effective medical and surgical regimens in the treatment of these disorders. It is extremely important in the evaluation of infertility to consider the couple as a unit in evaluation and treatment, and to proceed in a parallel investigative manner until the problem is uncovered. It has been shown that the longer a couple remains subfertile, the lower their chances were to get an effective cure.

Many couples experience significant apprehension and anxiety after only a few months of failure to conceive. Unduly prolonged unprotected intercourse should not be advocated before a workup of the man is instituted. Initial screening of the man should be considered whenever the patient presents with the chief complaint of infertility. This initial evaluation should be rapid, non-invasive and cost effective. Of interest is the fact that pregnancy rates of up to 50% have been reported, when only the woman has been investigated and treated even when the man was found to have moderately severe abnormalities of semen quality.

Our clinic offers the most modern laboratory services in the country, in terms of semen analysis, sperm function tests, hormonal tests and immunological tests. These types of tests have placed our center as one of the best, providing informative results that assist patients with their treatment.


In IVF Panama, we have a Genetics laboratory (BIOGEN) with the most advanced technology to study genetic embryo, fetus and adult, we know that genetic alterations are a major cause of sterility and infertility and may be responsible for the defects observed in the newborn. Among these, the chromosomal alterations that are responsible for 2.5 % of infant mortality; In addition, these alterations are present in more than 50% of miscarriages in the first trimester. Chromosomal analysis has provided a basic knowledge of the genetic changes responsible for the chromosome alterations and in the case of cancer, the processes that occur during the malignant transformation of tumor cells.

We are the only institution in the country where the Preimplantion Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), is performed as a method of primary prevention of birth defects in couples with a high reproductive risk of transmitting disease to offspring.

Different genetic techniques:

  • Molecular analysis techniques
  • Molecular cytogenetic studies techniques
  • Technical studies using FISH
  • Genetic consultation service
  • Diagnosis of infectious diseases

Other Services

IVF Panama, apart from being a center dedicated for fertility problems management of the community by the use of the latest technologies available in the field, it also has a team of medical sub-specialists with multidisciplinary training in the best international centers in the fields of Gynecology, obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine and reproductive medicine.

Furthermore, we have the experience and expertise in minimally invasive surgery: laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, reproductive microsurgery and Vaginal rejuvenation.


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