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About InteraFertility
InteraFertility is a specialized clinic for infertility treatment. Their professionalism, commitment and ethics differentiate them from other mexican clinics. For years, they have been providing solutions to all types of infertility problems, both for men and women. At InteraFertility, each case is treated individually by doctors specialized  in different areas that offer their  points of view when solving each  problem. But it is a specific physician who is aware and accepts the decisions of each patient. Each of our professionals has an  area of specialization.

InteraFertilty approach of treatment
The specialists at InteraFertility are proud Mexicans trained at the best international institutes. Their approach of treatment includes their years of experience and human touch. Each couple is evaluated very carefully to diagnose the infertility problem with proper study and therefore, a well indicated treatment is applied. In the patients with the sterility of unknown origin, they successfully apply diverse treatments.

After complete infertility analysis of the couple, an individual protocol is desgined to discard most frequent problems. When the data obtained isn't sufficient, specific tests are performed to identify the process that increases the chances of conception for the couples. Importantly, each of the causes that affect the reproductive process have a specific treatment, that many times is limited to the prescription of certain drugs, or simple surgical intervention, when problems are not solved by routes previously mentioned,  we use Assisted Reproduction. Assisted Reproduction is the set of procedures in which eggs and / or spermatozoa are treated to improve their fertilizing capacity and the obtained embryos are cultivated to enhance their implantation.

Treatments offered at InteraFertility

  • Reproductive Surgery
  • Semen cryopreservation
  • Ovum Donation
  • In Vitro fertilization
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • PGD
  • And Alot more

At InteraFertility, comprehensive research has been done to develop and implement effective methods to help couples with infertility problems to achieve her dearest wish. Thus ensuring the clients satisfaction.

How to reach InteraFertility
Arrangements for visiting InteraFertility are easy through and direct communication with admissions staff at the clinic. Information regarding transportation arrangements, preferences and bookings, flight details are provided. Continuous translation experts for medical travelers during their stay at Anadolu Medical Center make for a confident and comfortable stay.

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