Indus Valley Ayurveda Center, Mysore,Karnataka India

Finding Multidimensional Health and Wellness at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center

About Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center

Combining thousands of years of natural therapies and treatments that treat the body as a whole – mind, body, spirit – the Indus Valley Ayurveda Center offers a luxurious resort atmosphere in India for international travelers seeking treatments in chronic disease, weight loss therapies, wellness programs, detox, and treatment for musculoskeletal disorders, pain management, geriatric ailments, allergic respiratory disorders and treatments, and post-chemo and radiation therapy side effects.

The resort offers poolside bathing, private rooms with handcrafted furniture in peaceful surrounds, treatment rooms, recreation facilities, therapeutic yoga classes and the best in Ayurvedic cuisine. Health and wellness, peace and tranquility and solitude and serenity are the focal points of the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center.

Approach to Medical Care at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center
Healing body, mind and soul is the mission of the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center. Through the efforts of their dedicated, highly trained and motivated staff, the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center continued to be engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life.

Professionals and staff at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center concentrate on a whole body approach to health, take advantage of information technology to educate the international community regarding the benefits of Ayurveda, provide excellence in holistic medicine and focus on new treatments based on Ayurvedic principles.

Some of the many treatments offered at Indus Valley include treatments, rejuvenation therapies, detoxification and beauty centered care in:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Skin diseases
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Diabetes care
  • Obesity treatments
  • Spinal care
  • Digestive issues

The approach to healing at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center in Mysore  is based on integrative medicinal practices. The latest medical developments and the most scientifically proven aspects of Ayurveda will be utilized in conjunction with general practitioners, hospitals, clinics and social care workers. All aspects of our programs are natural, nourishing and relaxing. Each treatment is designed to promote and restore good health.

Traveling to India and Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center
Medical tourism packages offered by Indus Valley Ayurveda Center offer combined treatments following Western medicine traditions and Ayurvedic treatments. Visitors to the facility are also offered local sightseeing excursions and health-oriented programs.

Offering a global perspective and substantial resources, the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center focuses on rejuvenation procedures  that combine the soothing ambiance of the location with the wisdom of the ancients. Ancient and modern technology based on the five elements that balances harmonious energies and equilibrium, treatments at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center offers patients from around the world the best in tranquility and the benefits of state-of-the-art technology and research.

Visitors to India can see the Himalayas to the north or frolic on white, sandy beaches to the south. Visit the palaces where maharajas lived in luxury or hike the back roads to experience the rustic lifestyle that is still a part of life for many native Indians.

All you need to travel to India is a valid passport and visa for stays of up to six months. Visas are obtained from the Indian Embassy or Consulate locations prior to attempting to enter the country.

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