Growing Medical Tourism in Latin America

Medical tourism in Latin America is booming. For affordable treatment in Columbia, obesity treatment in Mexico, or the best cosmetic surgery in Bolivia, the best hospitals in Latin America are providing a range of treatments in accredited and highly regarded medical facilities. Some of the best doctors in Latin America offer treatments for cancer, chronic diseases, cosmetic and plastic surgery, eye and Lasik care, obesity and bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, and dentistry.

Locations throughout Latin America such as Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica are seeing a steady rise in global patients seeking excellent, experienced and affordable medical care for everything from fertility treatments to stem cell therapies.

From Fertility Argentina (CEGYR) in Buenos Aires, Argentina to groundbreaking stem cell therapy and integrative medicine offered by Dr. Omar Gonzalez of Integra Medical Center in Tamps, Mexico, individuals from North America, Europe and Africa are finding their healthcare needs met throughout the continent.

Latin America has long been a popular medical tourism destination for cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, cosmetic dentistry, plastic reconstructive surgery, and Lasik eye care. In recent years, fertility centers and fertility specialists have offered couples around the world state-of-the-art, effective and quality ART, or assisted reproduction technologies.

Bariatric obesity surgery, laparoscopic obesity surgery and orthopedic medicine offering hip joint resurfacing, knee joint replacement surgery and shoulder orthopedics has attracted growing numbers of baby boomers. Stem cell treatments and chronic disease treatment, integrative, complimentary or alternative medical practices also attract thousands of travelers every year to beautiful Latin America, making it a leading, and highly competitive, healthcare destination in the 21st century. 

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