Benefits of Traveling to Mexico for Health and Wellness Abroad

Boasting a reputation for providing a wealth of services at half the cost in other countries such as dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, hip replacement and more, medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico, without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery in the U.S. or Canada and throughout western Europe.


Mexico has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations for many Americans and Canadians, as well as travelers from other countries. Mexico enjoys some of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in the world, including the Almater Hospital and Mexicali Obesity Solutions.


Providing highly trained and experienced surgeons and physicians in fields of cosmetic dentistry, cancer treatment, cosmetic plastic surgery treatment and cosmetic surgery procedures, fertility treatment centers, and Lasik eye clinic care. Mexico is a popular destination for bariatric weight loss surgery, including lap banding, laparoscopic gastric banding, obesity surgery centers, obesity gastric bypass surgery, and other forms of laparoscopic obesity surgery.


Mexico is also a leading destination providing treatment for chronic disease treatment abroad, chronic inflammatory disease processes, and chronic lower respiratory disease processes utilizing a variety of technologies such as those utilized by Advanced Medical Group or including cord blood stem cell therapy, hematopoietic stem cell therapy, and umbilical cord stem cell therapy in facilities such as Integra Medical and ProgenCell.


Mexico is a leader in providing certified, accredited and affordable health care abroad in a large number of medical fields through experienced and highly trained medical providers, just a few of the benefits of traveling to Mexico for healthcare needs.


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