Giovanni Bojanini | Alopecia Hair Loss Center, Cancun, Mexico

Giovanni Bojanini | Alopecia Hair Loss Center, Cancun, Mexico


About Us

Giovanni Bojanini´s Dermatological Center was born nearly 20 years ago in Bogota, Colombia. Now the center is offering its patients cutting-edge technology and above all more than 16 years of experience in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and Female Pattern Hair Loss. President and scientific researcher Dr. Bojanini was the first to use and test the effectiveness of each of his products, meticulously created for specific scalp conditions and variations, in order to obtain maximum results addressing various forms of hair loss.

Currently many patients around the world have positioned Giovanni Bojanini´s Dermatological Center as a Latin America leader in both female and male pattern baldness.

His success has been so resounding that in Colombia alone more than 65,000 patients were successfully treated. Eventually Colombia started to receive patients from Mexico Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Dominican Republic and of course patients from the USA (California, Texas, NY, Florida) even from Australia, Spain, Prague, UK, and France, to mention a few counties. Currently more than 95,000 patients worldwide can testify on the effectiveness of our treatment.

As a pioneer of these topical treatments, Dr. Bojanini is a recognized authority in the field, reaching more than 90% effectiveness in disciplined patients.

The research center located in Bogota, Colombia, accounts with a mix of state-of-the-art technology combined with the highest academic team, designated only to the continuous development of better and more effective topical formulas.

Due to the success and demand of this treatment, in less than 5 years, Dr. Bojanini, along with his partner Dr. William Vizcaino Bojanini have successfully expanded to Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Cuernavaca, Veracruz, Leon, Cancun) and South America in Panama and Ecuador. We will include countries like Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and Spain in 2012 and two more major Mexican cities like Tijuana and Puebla as well.

Only two and a half years after starting procedures, we have successfully treated over 22,000 patients with different stages of male and female alopecia, in Mexico alone.

First Visit

A first visit to Giovanni Bojanini´s Dermatologic Center, consists in comprehensive trichology oriented medical assessment, in order to get an accurate diagnosis, but above all, the right path for treatment. A thorough examination of the scalp and hair is carried out.

We evaluate medical history, type and severity of the scalp and hair condition, allergies and also tolerance for specific medications.

Female patients are interrogated about thyroid, adrenal or ovarian disorders in order to determine the origin of miniaturization and hair loss (female pattern alopecia with or without androgenic involvement) this will lead to the right path of treatment. We encourage all patients to be certain about not having any kind of gland malfunction by asking (in some cases), blood tests to be performed in the country of origin.

Our topical formulas are made by combining some of the most active organic ingredients, as well as pharmaceutically approved medications to assure great efficacy in treating hair loss and scalp disorders.

Typical treatment will include the following:

  • Compounding formulation: tailored doses of certain medications, and organic ingredients to treat specific baldness pattern, individually made for every patient
  • Shampoos and lotions for cosmetic purposes to promote better absorption, as well as protection and finally improvement of  medical action to acquire better follicle and  hair quality
  • In many cases, we support the treatment by using dietary supplements as Zinc and very small doses of some other FDA approved medications
  • Mesotherapy, a procedure that aids to increase results and promote faster results acting as intradermal deposits of vital minerals and nutrients for a healthier scalp.

Patient will leave Giovanni Bojanini´s Dermatologic Center with a full stock to ensure 8 months of treatment.

Checkups scheduled according to the case, but generally 2 or 3 times a year.


What to expect?

At start, hair grow stages are interspersed between profit and loss of hair, according to the life cycle of the hair follicle, which varies from person to person. After 3 to 4 months of consistent treatment, 98% of patients will start to develop a rug of thin hair, that will get thicker and longer if patient observes self-discipline with his/her treatment – essential for optimal results and, to prevent and avoid relapse or regression of baldness.

The patient will then observe proliferation of hair density and changes in the hair thickness and quality.


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