Free From Diabetes With This Unique Operation

Free From Diabetes With A Unique Operation – SGIT

Did you know that diabetes can be cured with a special operation and thus you no longer have to suffer from this disease for the rest of your life?

The unique method, called Ileal Interposition, or short SGIT, has been performed successfully in the world for last 10 years, by selected highly-skilled surgeons. Well, how does this surgery work?

Metabolic Diabetes Surgery Istanbul

We, the people of the modern age, have not been able to get used to our new food industry and the industrial metropolitan life. The ingredients of the foods we eat have changed within the last 25 years. People living in developed cities have become accustomed to consuming refined, that is, processed foods . When these foods arrive to the medial part of the small intestine, it has been already digested, in a biochemical sense. What remains is roughage, with much reduced usuable content.

How does SGIT or Ileal Interposition work?

Insulin resistance hormones are discharged in the beginning part of the small intestine and the insulin sensitivity hormones from the distal part of the intestine. As long as the food ingredients coming to the final part of the intestine continue to become poorer in quality, the activity of the sensitivity hormones decreases. We are causing the insulin sensitivity hormones to be activated more effectively by exchanging the beginning and final parts of the small intestine with surgery.

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