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Welcome to Dr Vorobievs Rehab Clinic

Dr.’s Nicholay Vorobiev first approach to curing patiens that went through drug and alcohol addiction was in 1992. Since then, the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr. Nicholay Vorobiev has looked for methods that could be reliable, new and revolutionary for healing those who were addicted to heroin, cocaine, marihuana, alcohol or tablets. He managed to develop a method,  that makes the patient having a negative relationship with his substance of addiction. This innovative way of treating drug addicts has become popular over days.

Why Choose Rehab Clinic Dr Vorobiev?

Because we have very successful curing plans for drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates and pathological gambling addiction. Our patients benefit of physical and psychological examinations included the treating of comorbid illnesses.

Treatments can be made using pseudonyms, this way the social distress is avoided.

So far, we have treated more than 10.000 addicts with our unique technique that combines various ideas from many world  corners. According to a study conducted between May 2007 and May 2008, this technique drives to a successful remission rate that looks like this: 75% of patiens were in excellent remission, 19% were in satisfactory remission and just 11% were in unsatisfactory remission. This rates exceed those found in rehab centers that work with traditional methods of treatment.


At the Dr. Vorobievs center the patients are treated quickly and without suffering, thanks to the five different painless methods. This way, they do not loose the good shape, still being able to sleep and eat. Patients are treated one by one, each with his one treatment schema: starting with specific medical help, psychotherapy and diet. Possible food constraints related to allergies or religion are respected.

Doctors are available 24-7 should out-patients come to need help at any time.


We are accepting patients from all the countries of the world. We know that a lot of people are suffering from drugs, alcohol, gambling, tablets and every addiction imaginable. Also we offer treatments for depression, stuttering and neuroses. First of all we offer a full examination, after that we decide about one treatment underlying mental disorders or other accompanying illnesses is something the doctors consider a matter of professional duty and ethics.

The Doctors

Our doctors are psychiatrists, neurologists, psychotherapists, anesthesiologists, doctors specializing in resuscitation, and doctors specializing in internal medicine.

 In the last time was grow the number of the patients seeking treating for heroin, alcohol, marihuana, cocaine, and along with the demand grew the clinic.

In this clinic our doctors are very good trained and developed, we have a team which could constantly work on refining the clinic's treatment methods. They are in a continuing growing and they are seeking to bring even better results than those already achieved.


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