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What  is Orthognathic surgery
Orthognathic surgical procedure is surgery executed on the bones of the jaws to alter their positions . Orthognathic surgical treatment is corrective face treatment surgery where deformities of the jaw occur . It could be suggested for efficient , aesthetic , or physical health factors . It is surgical procedure generally done on the jaws together with orthodontic treatment , which straightens the teeth .

Why Go For Orthognathic Surgery/ Corrective Jaw Surgery
The reason for orthognathic surgery/ corrective jaw surgical procedure is to accurate practical and aesthetic issues which are because of hidden jaw deformities . Orthognathic surgical procedure is usually the remedy in cases where the bite trouble is really extreme that orthodontic braces by themselves aren’t adequate to appropriate the problem , or where orthodontics alone would sacrifice your facial appearance .

One of the most rewarding aspects of orthognathic surgery is improved beauty and self-esteem.

Kinds of Deformities in Jaws
Extreme bony deformities the result of jaw mismatch in proportions as well as placement could cause serious problems . For instance , very small lower jaw can result in loud snoring and sleep apnea , which could as a result trigger numerous medical problems . In situations of short upper lip and vertical excess of the upper jaw , the lips are generally open as they are not able to close without hard work due to improved lower third of the face . As a result , it could encourage undesirable mouth breathing which additional worsens occlusion . Frequently malocclusion can have strong negative effect on speech function and often it can be accompanied by jaw joint pain .

When Do You Need Orthognathic Surgery?
Facial imbalances in many cases are present and occasionally identified by the untrained eye . People with huge jaws , or chins , or small jaws or chins , teeth which don't fit all together , eyeballs which appear bulging , and flat cheekbones are examples of facial characteristics that may be improved by orthognathic surgery .

How long does recovery last?
The period of recovery in the hospital may vary from one to three days following surgery . During the week following surgery , actions should be limited . All exhausting actions and heavy exercise should be averted the first month after surgical treatment . Swelling is typical , and a brief period of facial discoloration is possible .

What if I don't have the surgery?
Facial and dental imbalances have influences on function, health, and appearance. Not treating a functional problem may prevent you from being able to bite and chew your food, close your lips together, and to speak clearly. The health of the teeth, gums and particularly the jaw joint (TMJ) may be in jeopardy if surgery is not done. While not often a primary reason for orthognathic surgery, the appearance of your face may be made to look more balanced or normal. One's facial appearance can influence one's quality of life in many ways.

  • Making biting and chewing possible or easier. Correcting jaws that don't align properly is the most common reason for this surgery.
  • Correcting facial imbalance, thus improving the appearance of patients who have deficient chins, protruding underbites and overbites, or cleft palate
  •  Improving "gummy" smiles, where lips pull upward, showing large areas of the gums, and "toothless" smiles, where the lips cover all the teeth
  •  Reducing the risk jaw joint (TMJ) and other jaw diseases.
  •  Repairing facial injuries from trauma
  • Improving sleep. When other treatments haven't helped, jaw surgery can provide relief for patients with severe snoring.
  • Surgery can be carried out on the upper jaw, lower jaw and chin under general anaesthesia

We Provide You The Best Treatments !
We provide quality Maxillofacial (Mouth, jaw and face surgery) surgery services. The surgeries include complete spectrum of orthognathic surgery and corrective jaw surgery.

Dr. Vinod Narayanan is specialist in orthognathic and corrective jaw surgery in India. In his clinic, dr. Vinod personally answers your questions and can jointly discuss and define your expectations. We provide detailed and comprehensive consultation with personal attention to each patient in a high quality environment. We provide transparency of costs and benefits, honesty and comprehensive advice to help for your "perfect" exterior to fulfill the wish.

Treatments Offered:

  • Cosmetic Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)
  • Jaw Reconstructive Surgery
  • Facial and jaw fracture surgery
  • Oral surgical oncology
  • Jaw deformity surgery
  • Jaw surgery for sleep disorders

About Dr Vinod Narayanan

Professional qualifications          :          BDS,  MDS,  FDSRCS(Eng),  MOMSRCPS(Glasg)
Specialisation          :          Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Academic distinctions:

  • Indian Academy of Oral Medicine – Merit certificate for having stood first in Oral Medicine in the Final BDS examination of the University of Madras.
  • Capt. Gangadhara Memorial Merit certificate for having stood first in Orthodontics in the Final BDS examination of the University of Madras.
  • Indian Society of Periodontology – Merit certificate for having stood first in the Final BDS examination of the University of Madras.

Other achievements

  • Has over 30 publications in national and international journals
  • AO – CMF Faculty – Since Nov. 2008


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