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Dr. med. Claudia Steiner- A dermatologist you can trust

“Each face is unique – I regard it as my duty to advise and treat you expertly, individually and in confidence”.

A profound understanding of skin functions and disorders enables healing and optimising treatment methods Dermatology & Med Skin Care) to be combined in the best possible way. The diagnosis and therapy of skin disorders and fulfilment of aesthetic needs calls for particular sensitivity for the individual in addition to wide-ranging medical expertise.

Health and beauty for your skin

  • Diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for skin illnesses according with the latest clinical discoveries.
  • Med Skin Care – to shape up your semblance, with the help of holistic therapy concepts and newest technologies.

Feel thoroughly good about your skin

Med Skin Care, treatments for dermatology and for classic beauty used at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, are taken to be complementary, giving a different, holistic way of care and therapy. Experience the top-class expertise, fresh treatment concepts, cutting-edge technologies and high-capacity product lines! All that makes the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz a unique world of health and good state.

Competence inspires confidence

Our treatment methods for dermatology and Med Skin Care improved thanks to the deep understanding of skin functions and disorders. Wide-ranging medical expertise is not enough for the diagnosis and cure of skin injuries and the accomplishment of aesthetic needs; a high feeling for the patient is also necessary.

Treatment and prices:


For centuries beauty and healthy skin have been very important to people, and still are. Skin injuries and aesthetic problems can make people suffer and cause serious damage on their quality life. The skin is the largest organ of our body and our interface with the environment. Skin is seriously affected by environmental factors like the Sun’s ultraviolet radiations, and the process of aging and the health of our internal organs shows.

Med Skin Care

On the top of our goals is the preservation of a young presence and the delay of the aging process. A healthy and clean skin makes you feel beautiful. At the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz we use the most performant dermocosmetic active agents, the newest technology and minimally invasive techniques to regenerate you skin. Your personal well-being and aesthetic perception lead us in the creation of our treatment plans.


In order to have an aesthetic surgery, you have to be confident in your doctor. In the Medical Health Center and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz we have the best doctors you can find. Here you can benefit of professional expertise and personal care.



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