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About Laser Spine & Pain Institute
The Laser Spine & Pain Institute is located in downtown New York City in New York. Located in offices on Park Avenue, the facility is ultra-modern and equipped with the newest hardware and technologies in the field of spine care.

Developed and created in 2011, the new Laser Spine & Pain Institute has already treated patients from around the world. Excellently trained and experienced physicians at the Institute offer patient-centered care catered to individual needs and treatment goals.

Approach to Medical Care at Laser Spine & Pain Institute
Laser Spine & Pain Institute believes in minimal interventions for maximum benefits, and it shows in their approach to care for patients walking in their doors with everything from lower back pain to treatment for pain caused by chronic disease or traumatic injury to the back or spinal column.

At the Laser Spine and Pain Institute, the goal is high quality medical care for all spine problems. Focusing on patient education, the Laser Spine and Pain Institute offers pain management and treatment for spinal conditions caused by falls, spinal degenerative diseases, lumbar stenosis, sciatica and other forms of pain caused by spinal conditions.

Treatments at Laser Spine & Pain Institute include but are not limited to:

  • All types of back, and neck pain caused by herniated discs, tumors and spinal stenosis
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Neuralgia
  • Cancer pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Compression fractures caused by osteoporosis or spinal cord injury
  • Facet pain syndrome
  • Peripheral neuropathy

About Dr. Sukdeb Datta
Dr. Sukdeb Dutta holds the distinction of being called one of the best pain management physicians in the United States. Dr. Datta, in additional to serving as medical director of the Laser Spine & Pain Institute, also serves as the secretary of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and focuses on safe and effective pain management methodologies and treatments.

Dr. Datta also holds certification in pain management as well as being awarded by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians and has served as the Director of the Interventional pain Management Program at Vanderbilt University Medical School, among others.

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