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Finding the Best in Orthopedic Care: Madras Joint Replacement Center

The Madras Joint Replacement Center is a popular destination for travelers from African countries, the Middle East, and North and South America. Baby boomers and growing numbers of individuals needing orthopedic surgeries around the world have long known that Madras Joint Replacement Center offers affordable, effective, state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to treat over a dozen knee conditions and injuries, and other joint problems with long-term positive prognosis.

The Madras Joint Replacement Center has been on the leading edge of treatments and procedures that restore movement and mobility to individuals involved in sports injury, as well as those seeking more control and power over their medical care and treatment.

The hospital follows international standards of clinical care, providing a safe environment, medication safety, patient privacy and rights, and adheres to international infection control standards.  Individuals staying at the mod rest joint replacement center may utilize shared or single private rooms and suites. Comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, and aesthetically pleasing room design and function offer comfort for international patients.

Approach to Treatment at Madras
Board certified, highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons in Chennai, Dr. Venkatachalam and his staff have gained experience in joint replacement surgeries throughout the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and of course, Asia.

Since the early 1990s, Dr. Venkatachalam has received qualifications from the University of Madras, Delhi University, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and the University of Liverpool, as well as permanent registration with GMC in London, and with a DOHMS of Dubai, and UAE as a specialist in orthopedics.

Dr. Venkatachalam is a pioneer in minimally invasive procedures for total knee replacement, deep bending knee techniques, bilateral replacements, and Unicondylar Oxford knee replacement procedures in the world.

About Madras Joint Replacement Center
The Madras Joint Replacement Center is dedicated to restoring mobility and flexibility.  Staff at the center are focused on staying one step ahead of the latest in technologies and innovations in orthopedic care, health safety and surgical standards, to offer patients the ultimate and comfort and satisfaction as well as affordability.  The latest in diagnostic equipment and hospital infrastructure offer patients the best in quality care.  Implants utilized in joint replacements are of the highest quality and FDA approved.

The Madras Joint Replacement Center offers a wide range of need surgery options for patients traveling to India from Europe, Africa, and North and South America. Some of the most popular knee surgeries offered at the Madras Joint Replacement Center include:

  • ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic menisectomy
  • High Flex total knee replacement
  • Oxinium knee surgery
  • Knee cartilage regeneration (autologous stem cell cartilage cell transplant)
  • Revision ACL reconstruction or knee replacement
  • Patellar stabilization

Orthopedic procedures performed at Madras Joint Replacement Center offer patients from around the globe mobility and independence. From knee surgery to shoulder or hip surgery, doctors and staff at Madras Joint Replacement Center, located in Chennai, India offer world class procedures and techniques by certified, highly trained and experienced doctors.

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