Need Dental Work?

Need dental work? Can’t afford it? Dentists and oral surgeons in foreign destinations such as India and Mexico offer excellent, experienced and qualified dental care, whether you need flap surgery or a sinus lift operation. There’s nothing quite so painful as a throbbing tooth or jaw, and dental care is important for your overall health.

Dental tourists traveling to locations such as Mexico and India for oral health save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on treatments. This is not because of lack of quality materials, equipment or expertise. Dental care treatments and approaches to dental health and wellness are cheaper in other countries because of a different health care delivery system, coupled with much lower demand for medical malpractice insurance.

The most common dental treatments and procedures include:

  • Oral surgery
  • Prosthodontics
  • Periodontitic procedures
  • Orthodontics
  • Endodontic procedures
  • Oral surgery

Want more specifics? Here are just a few most popular dental treatments for moderate to severe dental complications and surgeries:

  • Flap surgery
  • Bone grafting
  • Guided tissue regeneration (GTR)
  • Connective tissue graphing
  • Sinus lift operations
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

Of course, if you just want a brighter smile, international dental facilities from Cancun to Bangalore offer teeth whitening, crowns, veneers and bridgework and dentures for huge savings. While you’re traveling or on vacation, why not check out your options for dental care abroad. For more information regarding qualified dental facilities and dentists abroad, visit


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