Benefits of EMRs

Thanks to technology, an electronic medical record makes it easier to share and transfer medical information between physicians in your country as well as foreign medical providers. This capability makes medical tourism easier than ever. Why change from paper to electronic records? For several reasons. First, to save on administration costs in tracking and filing sometimes-massive amounts of paper accumulated for patients.

Not only that, but electronic records increase speed and efficiency in health care delivery options. Electronic records can be accesses through secure passwords, fingerprints and voice-activated software that increase use of telemetry, an increasingly popular mode of communication between physicians. Your doctor in the U.K. can talk directly with and share data-secured medical information from your health record to a cancer specialist in India, Turkey or the U.S. in a matter of moments.

You worry about confidentiality, but electronic medical records are safer and more secure than your paper record. Computer and IT technology only gives direct access to your medical record to those qualified to view and share your information. Identification systems ensure security and sharing systems ensure your confidentiality. Instead of faxing your information to another doctor or medical provider, for all to see, your private information is transmitted through a secure hospital system network right into the hands of the doctor who needs it and no one else.

As more people travel across borders for health and wellness, cancer therapy, orthopedic surgery, dental care and cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments, ease of transfer of information improves and benefits your care.

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