Cosmetic Surgery in Latin America

Maintaining healthy, smooth skin involves understanding how the skin functions and how to protect and replenish against the damages of sun exposure, aging, acne, allergic reactions and injuries. It’s that time of year again, when people make new resolutions, promote positive change and most importantly, to defy the aging process!

Dermabrasion and micro-dermabrasion treatments, also known as chemical peeling, involve removing layers of skin to eradicate pitting, scarring, and pigmentation common with those who’ve suffered from acne or sun damage. In such procedures, a variety of chemicals in varying strength can be used to facilitate smoother skin. Common chemical peels include glycolic acid, which is the mildest form of chemical peel agent.

In the United States, most elective procedures and surgeries are not covered by medical insurance plans. The cost of skin care treatments varies widely between procedures. For example, micro-dermabrasion, which is commonly used to help eradicate the signs of crow’s feet, lines, and age spots, costs around $200 per treatment.

Individuals seeking affordable cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedures to defy wrinkles and age flock to international destinations such as Mexico and Latin American to obtain the best in skin care and age defying treatments and procedures. Locations such as Perfection Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery in Cancun, Mexico or Dr. Tomas Brosto in Buenos Aires, Argentina, combine the best in vacation travel with the best in medical tourism.

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