Childless No More: Fertility Treatment Abroad

Studies have shown that infertility affects more than 6 million couples a year in the United States alone. Women suffering from ovulation difficulties, damage to uterine organs and other problems that prevent pregnancy benefit from fertilization treatments. Men suffering from infertility caused by low sperm counts or damage to reproductive organs also benefit from treatments. 


Some fertility treatment methods require cycles or multiple attempts throughout the process. For example, intrauterine insemination (IUI) in the United States may cost between $300- $800 per attempt. Multiple attempts may be necessary for success. The most successful fertilization process in the United States, in vitro fertilization (IVF), is also one of the most expensive, and may cost between $8,000-$10,000 per attempt, in addition to medication, which may cost over $2,000.


Infertility treatment abroad is growing in popularity and demand. Medical travelers to foreign destinations such as Mexico, South America, India, and Thailand and Turkey can save thousands, up to 75% of costs in the U.S. The best IUI in Turkey, the best IVF in Thailand, and the best infertility doctors in Argentina are out there. Popular destinations that treat infertility such as:


·         InteraFertility in Guadalajara, Mexico

·         Infertility Support Center in Tbilisi, Georgia  

·         Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan

·         Jinemed in Istanbul, Turkey


Lower costs in foreign destinations are not due to sub-standard care or training – quite the opposite. Lower costs are enjoyed because other countries don’t have to deal with the rising and often prohibitive costs of medical malpractice insurance that is rampant within the healthcare industry in the United States. Therefore, medical providers in other countries are able to perform such treatments, procedures and surgeries at huge savings to their patients.


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