Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Thailand is a worldwide leader in Cosmetic Surgery and Image Transformation. We are the first and unique world renowned cosmetic surgery clinic specialized in cosmetic surgery holidays. We are a private clinic in the famous location of Bangkok, Thailand providing highest quality services.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic provides the opportunity to change your life forever! We provide best cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and the highest quality services at best prices.

Treatments Offered:

  •     Accent: Cellulite, Flaccid Skin
  •     Botox
  •     Fraxel
  •     Laser Depilation
  •     Lumicell: Lymphatic Massage
  •     Pixel: Sun spots, wrinkles
  •     And A lot more…

Surgeries Offered:

  •     Tummy Tuck 
  •     Breast Augmentation
  •     Brazilian Buttock
  •     Chin Surgery / Mentoplasty
  •     Otoplasty / Ear Surgery
  •     And A lot more…

The single most important factor in the success of our surgical and non-surgical treatment in determined by our professional team of doctors in whom you can place your trust. We have a team of cosmetic surgeons and skin care specialists with more than 10 years of experience in their fields making Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Thailand the leading international beauty clinic.

At Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Thailand, we provide nothing else than high standard aesthetic surgery combined with very high standard of patient care and customer service.

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