Beware Of Common Skin Care Mistakes

We all make skin care mistakes, whether we heard a skin care tip somewhere or a friend told us some misinterpreted info. So I here is what I think is the right way to skin care wellness and getting rid of acne breakouts.

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Common Skin Care Myths

  1. A Clean Healthy Skin: First thing is first – you definitely have to clean skin yet don’t overdo it. Redness and breakouts can the result of a rather rough cleaning habit. Do not use products more often than recommended and be careful with the dosage, too.
  2. Oil-Free Cream: The best acne treatments should NOT dry out the skin. If skin is too dry, glands in the skin will produce more oil leading to oily skin. Irritation and breakouts usually occur when products that dry skin are applied. You need to apply this “how to remove pimples” tip because once you do it the right way you will be on your way to having a long lasting clear skin.
  3. Less is More: Cleanser, toner, exfoliation cream, eye cream, face moisturizer, make-up remover… Ingredients in all these products might cancel each other out and you get no good outcome. Try using only three products: a good cleanser, a moisturizer and a exfoliating gel.

Skin Care Mistakes

Small mistakes in skin care can have massive results on the way you look.

Water: Most of us avoid hydrating the body so drink at least eight glasses of water every day so that the right moisture level is provided from within, too.

Before going to bed: Sleeping with your make up on? This is a big NO! While we sleep, our skin repairs itself, so clean and moisturize before turning in for the night. You will wake up looking healthier with a cared-for skin.

What to throw away? Foundation sponges older than a few weeks. Wash your powder brushes regularly and throw out make up products after three to six months of use.

Professional help: Once you got rid of all the common skin care mistakes, remember to see a professional at least once every six months for proper exfoliation and skin care.

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