Best Cataract Surgery Centers in Turkey

Best Cataract Surgery Centers

in Turkey

Blurry vision, light sensitivity and overall poor vision due to cataract can all be history with the Phacoemulsification surgery from the best medical centers in Turkey.

The longer you wait the worse vision gets – get your cataract surgery now in Turkey and restore your perfect eyesight permanently!

What is Cataract?

Cataracts are described as a clouding of the lens of the eye. Known as opacity, the condition causes a progressive loss of vision. Untreated cataracts are the leading cause of blindness. Cataracts reduce vision, depth perception, and peripheral vision.

 Cataract Surgery Procedure

The surgeon makes a very small incision in the eye and removes the cataract by destroying it or breaking it up with ultrasound waves. Pieces are removed. The process is known as phacoemulsification. After pieces of the cataract are removed, the surgeon replaces the cataract with an artificial or intraocular lens.

The cataract surgery is generally done under a local anesthetic. The surface of the eye is numbed with eye drops or an injection. General anesthesia is usually only offered to those who can’t hold still during the surgical process. The entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Cataract surgery is considered a same-day surgery.

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