Benefit from the Best Joint Replacements in India

Knee and hip replacements are two of the most common orthopedic procedures performed today. With the growing baby boomer population living longer and healthier lives and lifestyles, the number of these procedures is likely to continue to rise.

Cost is a major factor to people opting out of a joint replacement procedure. For example, a single hip replacement surgical procedure costs an average of $43,000 in the United States. Check the prices in Singapore and Thailand for the exact same procedure; a medical tourist might pay around $12,000. In India, the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai can get you a joint replacement that average $9,000-$10,000.

Younger people who play sports or love high-impact activities like skateboarding and snowboarding often experience knee damage. New technologies in knee replacements help young and old alike to recover optimal knee movement and functionality. The Oxinium knee replacement joint composed of metals and ceramics with durable wear resistance.

Oxinium joint replacement procedures in the U.S. cost $65,000 and $75,000. The best orthopaedic surgeons in India, such as Dr. Venkatachalam of the Madras Joint Replacement Center, perform such procedures restore mobility and flexibility for about $10,000.

Visit for information on the best joint replacement centers, doctors and surgeons in India, such as Fortis Hospital or the BLK Memorial Hospital in New Delhi or the Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa. You’ll find what you’re looking for at prices that won’t give you a heart attack. Get back on your feet and increase your quality of life and mobility with the latest in joint replacement technologies and procedures.

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