Affordable Hip Surgeries Abroad

Older individuals seeking relief from the aches and pains of an active or busy life may be shocked when their doctor tells them that their hip joint is wearing down. Pain, stiffness and dislocations may seem more common. The problem is that hip
surgeries in the U.S. are very pricey, and many baby boomers, even with insurance, know that the costs may really set them back.

Common hip surgeries include hip replacement and hip resurfacing treatments and procedures, often necessary due to limited mobility and damage caused by osteoarthritis. Range of motion, mobility and function of the hip joint may also be affected by physical decline or medical conditions and disease processes.

Hip resurfacing procedures in the United States are extremely costly and may amount to $55,000-$60,000, for one hip – can you believe that? The same procedure costs roughly $8,500 in India. Medical tourists traveling to Thailand, Singapore, and  South America for the same treatments may anticipate spending much less than the amount charged in the United States for such procedures. In the U.S., hip replacement surgical procedures may cost up to $43,000.  In Singapore and Thailand, patients benefit from hip replacement surgical procedures that cost about $12,000. In India, the cost can range from about

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