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Arze's Plastic Surgery Center  provides latest technology products, full functioning area, U. T. I., besides personalized interest. All of us are experts in Plastic and also A surgical procedure, Reconstructive Surgical procedures and also Skin Therapies.

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Dr. Wilfor Arze Gómez – M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

Graduated of the Universidad Mayor de San Andres

Specializes in Mexico – Mexico City, he has more than 50 units in courses, seminars, conferences, national and international workshops.

Also he's a Founding Member Holder Bolivian Society of Plastic Surgery.


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Surgeries and Treatment

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery):

Rhinoplasty can be surgery that is certainly conducted to improve numerous issues of the nasal, reshape the end, right a new hump bone tissue and sinus septal change to boost respiratory system perform, etc..

Blepharoplasty The definition of blepharoplasty relates commonly to any or all surgeries including the removal of redundant pores and skin or muscle tissue on the eyelids, together with or without eradication of orbital body fat.
Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

The Face Lift is one of the most widely used rejuvenation surgical treatments on the planet. Is actually encouraged for older people or even more radiant because they possess makeup dropping in addition to lines and wrinkles.

Otoplasty Otoplasty is a course of action helpful to correct birth defects or even accidents with the head, thus normally perform at young children via 5 to be able to 7 yrs . old.
Peeling (Botox)

It truly is suitable inside patients with pronounced facial appearance lines and wrinkles about the forehead, eye brows along with periorbital or even poultry ft ., they are going to take advantage of the request involving botulinum contaminant called Botox.

Breast Augmentation and Reduction Surgery

Tiny bosoms, an ailment recognized hypomasty could be enhanced having a uncomplicated, effective and safe cosmetic plastic surgery. Increasing the contour of an woman's entire body. This procedure is usually encouraged for your asymmetry with the bosoms.


This boost or even height with the bottom is becoming one of many surgery involving Artistic Surgical procedures additional demand. This implants currently produce complete stability to be able to entire body dental contouring will be normal looking and is also usually incredibly difficult to be able to diagnose.

Liposuction Surgery


This liposuction course of action could considerably help to improve the silhouette with a not hard along with safe and sound. This functioning requires taking away the body fat cellular material with the entire body along with is possible on your own or even in conjunction with various other treatments such as abdominoplasty (abdominal surgery) and also the suction with the jowls for any Face lift.

Reconstructive Surgery

Increases perform as well as appearance involving congenital deformities due to mishaps, burns up as well as growths. Reconstructive Surgical treatment Reconstructive or perhaps which include microsurgery.

Sequelae of Burns Surgery Burns are generally injuries for you to delicate tissues as well as encompassing places, due to several variables such as chemicals, electrical power, actual physical agents such as fire as well as radiation.

Currently the advancement involving research with creating the broken structure can be remarkable and will mature pores and skin cells for grafting with severe burns up.

Aftermath of Acne

The particular surgical marks due to pimple are generally the consequence of contamination as well as irritation that have been not necessarily remedied effectively.
The particular extent involving surgical marks is dependent mostly around the power of the pores and skin for you to heal alone as well as varies by one individual to another, with regards to the family genes.

Mole Removal

Moles may look anywhere around the pores and skin, on your own or perhaps with groups. They may be dark brown and might have different shapes and sizes. The particular dark brown colour is due to the pigment created by the melanocytes from the pores and skin melanin.


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