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Welcome to Anadolu Medical Center

All the things we accomplish here is for the benefit of health . . . Anadolu Medical Center was established by Anadolu Foundation , an organization that fueled many beneficial ventures in Turkey . The understanding as well as practical knowledge we have accumulated as Anadolu Medical Center helps us to create a participation to people’s health .
We would like to play a part in enhancing the quality of life of our patients . So , our goal is to generate the perfect service system achievable . We have been working to provide you with top quality healthcare within a very comfortable environment to our patients . who originate from all part of Turkey as well as overseas . To accomplish this , our patient-oriented company covers all of the patient requirements , that are achieved by our team of experts as well as skilled member of staff .

We offer world-class service in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Medicine throughtraining and quality-improvement programs.

We value the requirements and also anticipation of our patients and take terrific pains to make sure that they can be secure throughout their treatment and are made to feel like home .

We certainly have a hotel situated in our garden that gives relaxing service to patients and their family . The successes we have made as Anadolu Medical Center have allowed us to create the change from health center to “Center of Health” within an incredibly short time .

We will remain a center of health for healthier generations to come . The Anadolu Medical Center is the modern day and most significant addition to the Foundation’s efforts

This not-for-profit multispecialty medical difficult is special in Turkey , and much of the world , by way of its partnerships agreement with global recognized Johns Hopkins Medicine . Anadolu Medical Center and Johns Hopkins possess combined in partnership encircling all elements of Quality Health Care and Continuing Medical Education .

You will find Anadolu Medical Center to be one of the most comprehensive, modern, and respected hospitals in the region.

Attesting to this are consumers from over 40 nations around the world who have acquired premium quality treatment in an atmosphere specially designed to be healing and restful . We are situated seaside , away from the bustle of the city , yet near enough to commute everyday .

As a patient here , you are going to receive therapy from tremendously skilled experts from the world’s fantastic medical centers . Our International Services Department concentrates on you all through the whole process . From the 1st call for info , by means of preparation and planning , to recovery and come back to home , most of us will be here for you . We are interested in your individuality and requirements , and anticipate meeting you and your family . You will be treated as a relative in the Turkish culture of hospitality .

Advanced Health Care

Traditional Turkish Hospitality Meets Johns Hopkins Expertise 
Working in a strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins, which recently topped US News & World Report’s “Honor Roll” of American Hospitals for the last 17th consecutive year, Anadolu Foundation has established a state-of-the art hospital in Istanbul with international recognition – Anadolu Medical Center (AMC).

A New Reference Center in Sickness and Health
With the aim to be the best health care provider throughout Eurasia, AMC has set enviable standards through a combination of research, education and superior health care delivery. Center of excellence programs in Oncology, Cardiac Care, Neurological Sciences, Women’s Health, IVF, Orthopaedics, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Executive Health Programs are some of AMC’s advantages in becoming the reference center of the region.
Expert Opinion with Excellent Care
AMC has brought together US board certified doctors and the foremost academicians of Turkey to lead the health care field. In addition, multi-lingual nurses and staff, constantly improving their skills through training by Johns Hopkins faculty, provide patients’ excellent care.
Advanced Technology for the Right Diagnosis and Effective Treatment
AMC combines with cutting edge technology a patient friendly environment. CyberKnife®, for example, is the latest radiosurgery technology that is available at only five centers in Europe. Linear accelerators with IMRT system are also available for cancer treatment. PET-CT, Straton-CT, TIM-MR, PYXIS, PACS, telemedicine and electronic patient record are some of the other state of-the-art technologies used for the well-being of AMC’s patients.
Multi-Disciplinary Teams and Clinical Programs
AMC engages physicians from different disciplines to resolve complicated health problems of patients. Tumor Board, for instance, is a multi-disciplinary team that solely concentrates on precise diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with cancer. Clinical programs on back pain, stroke, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia and breast health are other examples of AMC’s multi-disciplinary approach.
International Patient Services
At AMC, patients benefit from the most advanced technology and clinical expertise with caring assistance of International Patient Services Department. The department helps patients with their medical needs, whether it is a comprehensive treatment, a consultation with a specialist, complex surgery or a second opinion. Multi-lingual patient representatives who are knowledgeable in medical terminology and procedures are ready to surpass the expectations and needs of patients coming from different cultures.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Divisions
We aspire to offer the best treatment to you, coordinated in a seamless, easily accessible environment, developed with high quality and secure services for your personal needs.
Medical Departments
  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Surgical Sciences
  • Internal Sciences
  • Thoracic, Cardiovascular Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Neurological Sciences
  • Oncologic Sciences
  • Diagnosis and Imaging
  • Intensive Care
Our goal is to offer the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods to our patients along with primary care services. Please Click Here to request more information about Anadolu Medical. Centre.


Why Anadolu Medical Center?
  • Affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Medical team with international experience
  • JCI Accreditation and ESMO award
  • Cutting edge technology for accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment
  • Transparent treatment and financing information
  • Integrated services under one roof
  • Human touch at every point

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