World Medical Tourism and Global Health Conference 2009

The 2009 World Medical Tourism and Global Health Conference of 2009 begins on Monday, October 26, 2009. The conference is designed to bring together healthcare providers, insurance companies, and medical personnel from around the world to discuss the growing trends in international medical and global health care and tourism. Taking place in Los Angeles, California, healthcare providers from around the world, including South America, Asia, Africa, Central Europe and the Middle East will join to discuss how to market services to international employers, patients and insurance companies.

Over 1.5 million Americans alone are expected to annually travel overseas for healthcare services in the coming years, with expenditures in the billions of dollars. Many south African nation citizens travel to locations in Southeast Asia including India, Thailand and Malaysia for quality healthcare, while Western, Central European and American travelers visit medical facilities in Middle Eastern and Central European countries such as Jordan, Croatia, and Albania for affordable, high class and timely procedures, treatments and operations.

Workshops, conferences, and networking benefit healthcare providers around the world, focusing on quality service, enhanced patient experience, and benefits of international healthcare, information regarding relevant and current case studies in the fields of technology, stem cell development and research, orthopedics, cardiac care, substance abuse and more.

Speakers at the conference will include Ministry Of Health as well as International Relations and Health Affairs Directors, Executive Hospital Board Council members, Ministers of Financial Services and health, Health Insurance representatives, speakers from the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Board Of Trustee members from the American Medical Association, the Medical Tourism Association, and more.

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