World Class Medical Treatment in Jordan

Jordan is one of the oldest nations in the world, filled with history and culture. Jordan is often considered being the foundation of civilization since Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian times.  For thousands of years, Jordan has enjoyed her place in history in the Middle East, from biblical times to the 21st century. Today, Jordan is one of the most advanced when it comes to high tech and state-of-the-art medical technology.

Medical tourism revenues in recent years has exceeded $1 billion annually. Foreign patients traveling to Jordan from Europe, the United States, South America and Africa, as well as inhabitants of neighboring Middle East countries, have grown at about a 10% rate annually since 2004. Jordan is world renowned for groundbreaking cardiac and organ transplant surgeries to cancer treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, fertility treatments and procedures in ophthalmology, and more.

Travelers to Jordan may 1/10th the cost of surgeries performed in the United States. Those traveling to Jordan for health centers in Amman, lower surgery cost in Jordan and the best surgeons in Jordan save a minimum of 1/3 on costs.

Medical treatment in Jordan at facilities like Jordan Hospital in Amman or the services of Dr. Osama Badran, a laparoscopic gynecologic surgeon, offers technologically advanced private hospitals, clinics and outpatient facilities. Some of the best hospitals in Jordan and the best surgeons in Jordan have trained in the best global medical training and school facilities in the world. For affordable medical treatment in Jordan, check out for medical facility profiles, doctor and surgeon bios and qualifications and travel destinations.

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