World Class and Best Sports Medicine Treatment in Selce, Croatia

The practice of sports medicine is often called clinical sports medicine. Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries covers mostly conditions of the musculoskeletal body systems and the management of treatment for such injuries. The basic fundamentals of this specialty involve the assessment and diagnosis of a sports injury and managing the injury, promoting healing and preventing further injury.


Injury prevention is also an important aspect of the field of study. Medical professionals in this field may educate coaches, professional athletes and provide community based education for recreational departments.


One of the most popular sports medicine facilities in Europe is Terme Selce, located in Selce, Croatia, is a destination of choice among national and Olympic athletes from Croatia, Turkey, Germany, France and Britain, just to name a few. Terme Selce sports medicine and their advanced professional sports therapy program have made them leaders in the field of sports injury prevention, sports medicine specialist and sports rehabilitation centers in the world.


Physical therapy and rehabilitation involves the regaining of strength and mobility in an injured body area or part following a sports or recreational injury. Physical therapy is designed to help individuals regain strength without furthering injury using a variety of methods, including but not limited to aquatic therapy and electrical stimulation. The goals and type of treatment any individual might undergo is determined by the type and seriousness of the injury.


For the best in sports injuries treatment, sports therapy, sports physical therapy or physical medicine and rehabilitation, Terme Selce in Croatia offers nearly two decades of expertise and experience.

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